TRAIL RUN HALF MARATHON 24 km | 9.00 a.m.

The route of 24 km in lush Skiathos passes by unique forests and important historical monuments. By running into these trail paths, athletes dive into the stories of Alexandros Papadiamantis uniquely celebrating the island’s natural beauty. The race starts in front of the Bourtzi peninsula, at the old port, at 9.00 a.m. The first 2 km. pass through the graphic cobblestone narrow streets at “Plakes” and through the “Shell” (mentioned as Kohili in the narratives of Papadiamantis) and it continues towards the historic cemetery of Skiathos. Then, it goes towards the Sifiri beach and passes from Megali Ammos beach for a nice warm up by the sea. At this point, a difficult ascent of 300 meters begins, in the steep path leading to the chapel of Agios Antonios (1st station – water, isotonic) and from there, running on the paths, we reach the monastery of Panagia Kehria (2nd station – water, isotonic, fruit) where athletes refresh themselves by the natural spring water and the second stations’ isotonic drinks. The journey continues through the majestic stream of Kehria and climbs to the old town’s castle and Kardasi church (3rd station – water, isotonic gel). The ascent continues passing by Panayia Doman, a small chapel in the forest, and ends at the highest point of the route (Stivoto – 4th Station – water, isotonic gel). From there, the descent to the Monastery of Evangelistria (5th station) begins and continues towaeds the end at Bourtzi. The routes consists of trail (75%), gravel (15%) and asphalt (10%).

This year, a route extension is going to be added, passing through Kastro, connecting the new with the old town.

Max Ascent: 1354 meters
BP= 276 RNG

Check points
The check points are six (6) in total. All six (6) supply stations are also check points. Athletes are obligated to have their numbers at a visible place so that the volunteers judges can record them. If in any case an athlete is wearing a windbreaker jacket, he/she should make sure to show his/her number. Not showing the race number leads to elimination. Any athlete, who fails to pass by even one station, is considered disqualified. Below you can find the approximate distance of each check point from the start line:
– 2,6 klm – over Agios Antonios church: water, isotonics
– 7,1 klm – Monastery of Panagia Kehria: water, isotonics, bananas
– 8,5 klm – crossroad towards Panagia Glikofilousa: water, isotonics, bananas, chips
– 11,5 klm – little theater before Kastro: water, isotonics, bananas, chips
– 14 klm – Stivoto: water, isotonics, bananas, chips and coca cola
– 18 klm – Evangelistria Monastery: water, isotonics, bananas, chips and coca cola. Same for the finishing line, at Bourtzi peninsula.
Distances mentioned above are approximately correct due to the route’s alteration, mainly because of fences and stream waters.

URBAN TRAIL RUN 10 km | 9.30 a.m.

The 10km race will start at 09:30 a.m. at Bourtzi, 30 minutes after the 24 km Half Marathon. It passes through “Plakes” and “Mnimouria” (Skiathos cemetery). The urban run is different, passing through the cobbled narrows streets of the town, by the main cathedral church of Three Holy Hierarchs, the Museum of Alexandros Papadiamantis and contiunes to Agios Nikolaos church featuring panoramic views. From there, a downhill run begins that takes you out of the town in the olive groves that surround it and passing through the airport, the run continues around the lake of Saint George, the modern shipyards and ends up back to the Bourtzi peninsula for the finish line.

Skiathos Run 10km Route Map

KIDS RUNNING RACES (500 m - 1500 m) | from 11.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Just before the first athletes reach the finish line of the Half Marathon, kids running races will take place at Skiathos Old Port, introducing them to the joy of sports.

URBAN TRAIL RUN 10 km (1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade of High School) | 9.30 a.m.

Older children (1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade of High School) can participate in the Urban Trail Run 10 km, provided a written parental permission is delivered.

Special Olympics Old Port Run 1 km | 10 A.M.

On the 10 years’ anniversary of Skiathos Trail Run 2022, we are more than happy to co-organize the first Special Olympics race in collaboration with the federation of Special Olympics Hellas, an active sports and educational organization with the driving force of creating a society that includes and at the same time empowers people with intellectual disabilities through the joy of sports. It will be a 800 m. route and it will take place along the old port of Skiathos Town.