Process for getting advantage of ferry tickets discounts

A 30%-50% discount -depending on the company- is offered to athletes and their family members who would like to book their ferry tickets (return tickets, registration in advance) between 18-26/5/2022, from any port connection to Skiathos (Volos, Mantoudi, Thessaloniki, Skopelos, Alonissos). In order to get advantage of the above offer, you should inform us latest by Friday, 13 May 2022, in order for us to be able to organize dates and hours and follow the process required (please see below). Hellenic Seaways offers a 30% discount, A.N.E.S offers a 50% discount & Sea Jets offers a 50% discount. The discounts refer both to the persons and cars’ ticket prices.

For the ones interested in travelling from Volos, 18-26/5, please find below the ferry schedule and the initial costs (ferry tickets’ costs below may be altered by the ferry companies due to the recent fuel increases)

Departure from Volos, Saturday 21/5: 8.00 (10.25 at Skiathos) Express Skiathos | Blue Star Ferries, 30,50 euros – 8.30 (10.55 at Skiathos) Sea Jets, 27,30 euros – 12.00 (14.45 at Skiathos) Proteus | A.N.E.S

Departure from Skiathos, Sunday 22/5: 13.45 (16.30 at Volos) Proteus | A.N.E.S, 24,50 euros – 15.45 (18.10 at Volos) Express Skiathos | Blue Star Ferries, 30,50 euros –  16.45 (19.05 at Volos) Sea Jets 27,30 euros

For the ones interested in travelling from Mantoudi, Thessaloniki, Skopelos & Alonissos between 18/5-26/5, you could easily find the ferries schedule online.

Children up to 5 years old travel for free but a ticket must be booked whereas children 5-10 years old get a 50% discount on the above costs

What’s the process to be followed

The payment will be arranged directly to the ticket shops

STEP 1: E-mail at ecozinskiathos@gmail.com with the details mentioned below:

– Registration proof
– Athlete’s full name & total number & full names of family members (i.e. family traveling together, children’s age)
– Date | Time (return tickets) * info provided to the ticket shops
– Mobile number so that we can contact you in case of further queries

STEP 2: Confirmation e-mail by Ecozin in order to inform you to which ticket shop you will address to and when you will be able to print your tickets, normally between 16-20/5/2022

Accommodation Discounts

For accommodation requests, you can either visit www.skiathos-rooms.gr or the accommodation places below, having already offered special prices & discounts for the race dates. Please note that there will be a direct contact between the athletes interested in and the accommodation owners

Danikas Rooms (Danika Vasiliki +302427024354 | +306973380186) 25 euros (2 people)

Pension Margarita (Symiakakis Ioannis +30 24270 21288 | +30 6972152404 | email: info@pensionsmargarita.gr) 25 euros (2 people) or 20 euros (1 person)

Filoxenia Hotel (Tziouvara Anna +30 6970137797) 25 euros (2 people) or 20 euros (1 person)

Villa Fantasia (Antonitsas George +30 6972095172 | email: info@skiathosvillafantasia.com) 40 euros (2 people) | 90 euros (6 people)