Process for getting advantage of ferry tickets discounts

– This year the discounts for tickets for travelling by sea (From and To Volos, Mantoudi, Skopelos, Alonissos) for athletes, escorts (over 10 years old – 0-4 years are free, 4-10 already have 50% off) and their vehicles from 15 to 23/5 is with Seajets for 50% for two way tickets and 30% for one way.

To be able to take advantage of these discounts you must have already signed up for any of the Races and to send an e-mail to ecozinskiathos@gmail.com with the details below:

Full Name and age for every person travelling (adults and minors)
Ship and Port you wish to travel to and from Skiathos. The specific itinerary with dates and times for departure and return.
Mobile Phone Number
Full Car Sign Number (If exists)

Then we will pass on your details to the company and we will send you the details with the agency you can go and print your tickets with the specified dicount. For more information you can call +30 6948784000


What’s the process to be followed

The payment will be arranged directly to the ticket shops

STEP 1: E-mail at ecozinskiathos@gmail.com with the details mentioned below:

– Registration proof
– Athlete’s full name & total number & full names of family members (i.e. family traveling together, children’s age)
– Date | Time (return tickets) * info provided to the ticket shops
– Mobile number so that we can contact you in case of further queries

STEP 2: Confirmation e-mail by Ecozin in order to inform you to which ticket shop you will address to and when you will be able to print your tickets, normally between 13-17/5/2024

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