Georgios P. Alexandridis
He was born in 1930, in Skiathos. He studied Economics at the School of Economics &
of Commercial Sciences (A.S.O.E.E.). He met and started working with Nikos
Vardinogianni in the 1960s and with him his brothers Vardis, George and Thodoros.
He was a member of the top management team of MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) SA. on
for a number of years and was a member of the Board of Directors since the establishment of the company. The latest
years he was a non-executive member of the Council, while he was also an executive of the Bank
An optimist by nature, he believed that “human intelligence, thought and creation are invincible.
weapons to overcome every obstacle”, while he does not fail to emphasize that the offer to
fellow man is an extension of himself. If there is a single term that describes her
multi-year journey of Georgios P. Alexandridis, is none other than the word offer.
As a minimal sign of honor and gratitude, but also as recognition of the outstanding
his personality and the contribution of his enormous social work to the local community
society, was declared an Honorary Citizen by decision of the Municipal Council on
December 2020.
George P. Alexandridis was first and foremost committed to beneficence,
assumed the costs of hospitalizing needy Skiatians, saving lives, for more than 30 years
years ensured the festive table for all the economically weak of Skiathos, donated
thousands of liters of fuel for the needs of schools, services, churches,
health center, had covered the cost of preparing the restoration studies of the Castle and
of the Holy Monasteries of Iconistria and Kechria, his offering was diverse, uninterrupted and
He never forgot that he belongs to a country and to a society with which he must share
his success.
His meaning is always his homeland, Skiathos and the needs of his fellow citizens.